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    Roxfit XZ3 Precision Slim Soft Touch Shell Black

    14,52 €
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    Our signature slim shell returns with some added functions designed exclusively for Xperia� XZ3. We've designed our protective shell to provide protection to your handset whilst adding minimal weight or bulk to your new Xperia� handset. 

    We've added our advanced soft touch coating which makes for easier handling of your mobile, significantly reducing the possibility of dropping your handset by creating a higher grip surface (don't worry - we've designed it so it won't pull the inside of your pockets out!!). 

    The new Xperia� XZ3 handset benefits from Sony's new side touch feature - so we've added extended cut outs on each side of our shell to enable this feature to be used by both left and right handed users. As always, you can access all handset features and buttons.

    All of our cases and accessories are independently tested by Sony Mobile and are approved under the Made for Xperia partner programme.