KSIX Slim Folio Case for Xperia XZ Premium Black

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The Ksix Made for Xperia Slim Folio Case with stand will enhance the elegance of your device.

The standing function will improve your user experience. Recommended for multimedia, videos and audio interaction.

The inner polycarbonate cradle adds additional safety while allowing full access to all phone functions without having to remove the case.

Ksix Made for Xperia is a Sony Xperia accessories license that certifies quality and functionanlity for Sony Xperia Smartphones and Tablets.

Technical Information
Ksix Made for Xperia Slim Folio Case with stand
Elegance, protection and comfortable to use
Elegant design and a soft inner texture
Stand function: place your phone in a horizontal position so you can use it comfortably to browse or to play audio and video
Book aperture design
Easy to install and remove from your Smartphone
Allows full access to camera functions, audio and charging ports
Made of Leatherette PU
Inner cradle made of polycarbonate
Available in different colors